"If you tell the truth and blow it, you’re way better off in the long run than to not try at all. However it comes through, you’re adding to the value of the narrative." - "Building with truth, erratic but valuable" , Satori INTRODUCTION &  MAHALO PIHA This ka'ao , a legend, a medicine story, myth, a cross-hatching of truth and fiction, began here and grew in installments on or nearly so on the New Moons that followed. To conclude the story I bundled up the magic and made space for Hand Tools  here. With a new title, and room to imagine other adventures with these characters I plant the seeds here, just ahead of the Leo Moon coming soon.  Many people, including my family, my astrologers, and my teachers inspired me by living the lives they live, and share it with me. Mahalo nui. Many people no longer in their human forms contributed to the characters who live in Hand Tools . Mahalo nui. Many places, especially on the island of O'ahu and in particular